Free Tiling Advice and Tips

As well as writing our own tiling advice posts to the website, we will be taking questions from the DIY tilers, professional tilers, and others in the tile industry and creating wonderful readable articles explaining the answers in detail.

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Find a Professional Tiler

If you’re looking for a local tiler we can help with that too. Simply use the menu to select the option and we’ll help you find a reputable tiler with genuine feedback. Don’t rely on ‘Rate a Builder’ and ‘Check my Tiler’ type websites. They all have flaws with their feedback systems, they hide poor […]

Tile Adhesive Advice

Whether you’re using Mapei, Weber, Tilemaster, BAL or any of the other many brands of tile adhesive supplied in the UK, we can help you specify what you need and how much of it.

Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Need help choosing the right bathroom tiles for your project? Then you’ve come to the right place. We can put you in touch with many online tile suppliers, and also have established relationships with offline tile stores also.

Undertile Heating

Undertile heating, or rather underfloor heating for tiles, is a cost-effective way to include extra heat in a bathroom, kitchen where wallspace is limited. And conservatories don’t require planning permission for electric heating, but do for a radiator.

Preparing for Tiling

Definitely the most important part of tiling any wall, floor, kitchen, bathroom, conservatory, outside tiling, tiling on terraces etc. Preparing for tiling is imperative. Let us help you plan your tiling. From what tiles to use, which tools you need, what adhesive choices you have – then we’ll get them all cheaper for you with […]

Tiling with CAD

We have specialist inhouse software (Tiling with CAD) that will help design your bathroom, kitchen, floors and walls. We just need a whole bunch of measurements from you, and then we can apply various tile sizes to your room and show you what they’d look like. This service can be free of charge.

Online Tile Suppliers

There are lists that help you find online tile suppliers. We have a few, get in touch and we’ll help you out. We have been around since 2002 and have relationships with all the manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and outlets – Both on and offline.

Tiling to a Budget

If you’re tiling to a budget, whether a tight budget or a large project that requires a strict budget to be implemented even though the total costs might be eye-watering, we can help. Please get in touch and we can help source tiles and materials, and even tools if you require them.

Free Tiling Advice and Tiling Tips

And Free Tiling Project Manager Services Right Across the UK

We can help you source tiles, tile adhesives, tiling tools and more. If you’re up for taking on the task yourself, we can help you work out how many tiles you need, how much adhesive you need, what adhesive options you have and more.

Free Tile Advice | Free Tiling Project Manager Services
Free Tile Advice | Free Tiling Project Manager Services

We can either give you the specifications and you crack on, or we can help project manager at no cost to you providing you use suppliers we’re connected to and gain discounts from. We will split the discounts with you, you’ll still get them around trade price. Which is cheaper than what a tiler would supply them at if they bought tiles for you.

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